Verse 1

Cindy, every word they say is gray

It’s a game they like to play, because you don’t see things their way

And Cindy, your better than they are

The heart you have is gold.  Your smile is never old,

You cannot be controlled. Your story will be told


Verse 2

Cindy, stand clear

They have a million mouths, and not one single ear

And Cindy, they can’t understand you

But you should know I can, behold your wisdom and

Understand your plans, and maybe lend a hand



So don’t lose faith in yourself, be brave


Verse 3

Cindy, you’re true

They're like a million sheep, and there is only one of you

And Cindy, you’re the shepherd, they're the herd

Your courage and your soul, will keep them in control,

Will shine before their eyes, and make the foolish wise



So don’t lose faith in yourself, be brave



Music and Lyrics by Dan Shepherd 2017

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