Reminiscing While Waltzing



Reminiscing While Waltzing


I met this fair maiden

It was just a dance

But I knew this brief moment

Would lead to romance

A possible true love

A probable fall

At risk was my ego

For a gain of it all


The sun was still shinning

When we met again

The sound of her laughter

Would cheer me up when

I held her hand proudly

As I walked her home

An innocent kiss and she left me alone


The more that I saw her

The deeper I fell

I knew this would happen

I knew it so well

I tried not to show it

But I knew she could see

And I knew that her freedom

was threatened by me


And so the end came

And I walked away

But I smile when I feel like

We both felt that day

Sometimes when I’m dreaming

Its her that I see

I wonder so often

If she thinks of me


Words and Music: Dan Shepherd