1. Siobhan
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Siobhan are you angry, or are you sad?
I heard you had a fight and it was bad.
Did you leave her a note, or did you leave her nothing at all?
Did you give her a number where she could call?

No one fights with your momma, more than you do.
You know you’re part of her and she’s part of you.
Doing things like that give you both a heart ache attack.
When you say it aloud you can’t take it back.

Siobhan what did you do or what did you say?
Why do you stare at nothing a mile away?
When you need a friend you can count on, you can count on me.
With a satisfaction guarantee.

Let me drive you home girl, its late at night.
You’ll soon be on your own girl, but do it right.
When you spread your wings your gonna have a nice place to fly...
When land you’ll have a warm nest to lie

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