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Come gather ‘round friends and I’ll tell you a story; A story the young comprehend,
About a girl who was meek and a boy kind of lowly; and how I once called her my friend.

It isn’t a story you’ld read in the papers; It isn’t one films are made of...
It’s more like a story I’ll always remember; A story of young teen age love.

Come gather ‘round friends let's get on with this story; I’ll let you know how it begins.
I took off one day with my friends in a hurry; ‘Twas always this way on weekends.

We went roller-skating near popular street, and I met her the first time that night.
She asked me to write her and I told her I would;
‘Twas a spark that I thought was a light.

Please understand friends I’ll tell you what it was like;
my friends they would ask what I’d seen.
In a girl I don’t know who lives so far away? Is it true that she’s only 16?

She's younger than me this I'd tell them plainly, then ask them what harm can be done?
I'll wait patiently she'll be free hopefully when she's 18 and I'm 21.

I tell you now friends I remember back when...
The letters were so common then.
She’d write me, I’d write her, she’d write me again...
We were really two long distance friends

A pin-pal is a pin-pal but some day it gonna be more, romantic exciting and fun.
Someday the age difference wont be nothing at all when she's 18 and I'm 21..

Like it's known to do, time takes its toll and we both slowly moved our own way.
We wrote each other just once in a while When we felt we had something to say.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder,
but you don't really know until it’s done.
So I made me a wish just to see her again when she's 18 and I'm 21.

Like a sparrow in spring I was spreading my wings for whatever treasures I could find...
My friends ended up being what they always had been...
and I didn’t pay penpals no mind.

So I packed my bags full of tee shirts and rags, and I didn’t look back until I was gone.
And when finally I did I was no longer a kid, and I felt like I was finally someone.

Assure you now friends, I was self-sufficient...
but to be popular was too much to ask.
So I wrote everybody I ever called friend, when your lonely that’s not a hard task.

Twas a great day for me, the day I did receive, a letter I never thought I’d see,
And she said she would be in the same town as me and to look her up if I was free.

I tell you now friends, that’s just what I did; I thought she I might not recognize.
But when she did appear it took me back through the years;
She hadn’t changed and that was no big surprise.

We went for a walk i'd give us time to talk; We were strangers it had been a while.
It didn’t take me too long until I guessed somethings wrong;
I said tell me girl why don’t you smile?
She told me how she had a boy she did need and he left her without much warning.
It might be over it's true but her hearts still abused,
and she don’t want to jump into things.

Well maybe with time he might change his mind; Maybe they might work it out.
I lent her my ear and I did it sincere; She was hopeful but I had my doubts.

Come gather now friends all stories end; just a couple more times I saw her
I tried to fit in and to be like a friend but I felt like a total stranger.

And ever so quickly I was off overseas,
Across that wide lonesome ocean.
I haven’t seen her since then, but I still call her friend,
And were back to being penpals again.

I leave you now friends and I think of back then;
There is one thing that I surely know.
If somebody like her loves me like she loves him,
You can bet you I won’t let her go.

The significance here, it's all bright and clear,
you really don't know until it’s done.
That wishes come true, there’s answers to prayer,
she was 18 and I's 21.

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