1. Plenty
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Blessed is the open sea, where nowhere is the place to be.
The oceans owned by no one except for God and maybe me; There you feel free, plenty.

The sky is both blue and gray, the earth is both rock and clay.
Peoples criticism don’t mean nothing to me. Let yourself be, plenty.

Plenty are the stars over the sea at night; Plenty are the shades between black and white.
Deeper than the depths of the deep blue sea;
There’s life living where you never thought would be.

Blessed is the mountains in spring, where opinions don’t mean a thing.
Where the partridge roams the meadow and the eagle flies free; fly, fly free plenty.

Plenty are the colors of a springtime day; stop and smell the roses for they fade away.
Higher than the highest mountain top; There’s life living where you surely thought would not.

If I put my trust in you; would you do the same for me too?
Locked inside yourself, can you ever be free? Hand me your key, plenty.

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